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A Space for Growth

We give each student individual attention with an individualized learning experience for every pupil with a teacher with a 1:1 ratio.

Personalized Learning

We’re not your standard coding class. Classes are created to help develop confidence in your intellect, grow mentality and computational thinking skills

Expert Teachers

Our teachers create a friendly and classroom environment for students. Our teachers never lecture. They believe that asking questions will help students tackle issues

A coding course that has been awarded A prestigious award-winner and it actually works!

We’ll help your child learn the fundamentals of coding and push students
to improve their skills by introducing a variety of imaginative projects.
They’ll be able to complete a brand for each game or animation for two
weeks. They’ll be provided with everything they require to master their
new skills between lessons as well.

New coders will be taught using blocks-based platforms like
Scratch or CoSpaces and more experienced students will code using text-based
languages like Javascript or Python

Bill Gates started to code when he was 13

Our kids love our fun themes! We teach coding using themes (such as Animals, Sports and Magic) which stimulate the children's imagination, making programming even more enjoyable.

Every four weeks , we introduce a brand new theme in our
classes and then use it to introduce new concepts in coding. Students
build games or animations from the information they’ve learned about
the topic

kids love learntime

Elon Musk started to code when he was 10

skill-develop learntime

Developing real coding skills The online lessons for coding offered by LearnTime for children are lots of fun, however, they're also extremely effective in teaching techniques for coding in addition to challenging the students to hove their skills

Your child will become familiar with loops, variables and functions, and
everything in between. They’ll be able to confidently make use of these
tools in the creation of their own ideas.

Mark Zuckerberg started coding when he was eight

The first lesson is free ! ! Each child is entitled to a free lesson, which will provide
them with a taste of how enjoyable and satisfying LearnTime lessons are

However, it’s not just an example lesson. During the 60 minutes, students
will create their own game using Scratch or
Javascript and will learn basic computational concepts that will be the
foundation of their coding education in coding for the next few years.


Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter started coding from teenage

future ready kids

Getting kids future-ready Our aim is to help get students prepared for a prosperous
future. 67% of the job openings in STEM are in
computing and the significance of technology within the
field will only increase.

Our award-winning coding curriculum assists to prepare children for the
future not just by teaching them to code, but also by helping them
develop essential skills like communication, creativity and collaboration.

How Do Online Private Lessons Work?

how learntime works

Make an appointment with a LearnTime Enrollment Manager to discuss your requirements and objectives

Start your registration and start sessions with a private instructor who has an agenda that is suited to your requirements

Get daily session notes as well as homework assignments

Get additional assistance with assignments outside of class with the help of the LearnTime Support Team

Python For Kids

Module -1

$ 50

Course Duration 1 Month

The basic idea of programming | Variables | Data types | Basic arithmetic operators | Conditional statements | Loops (For and While) | Start, End, Increment values | Flow control statements | Nested Loops ( For & While)

Module - 2

$ 50

Course Duration 1 Month

Basic ideas of data structures List | Data structure usage & its methods | Dictionary, its usage & methods| Sets & Tuples ,their usage & methods | Functions

Module - 3

$ 50

Course Duration 1 Month

Basic ideas of OOP & Class | Method | Constructor | Encapsulation | Static, Class, instance variables & methods

Teach Your Kids to Love Coding

21st Century

Coding will be as important as
Mathmatics and science
Problem Solving

Learning Critical Thinking to Solve Problems
Working together makes everything better
Our courses push students to be better public speakers and collaborate better
Creative Thinking

Coding & Creativity goes hand in hand
An Invest
Coding prepares students for high-paying jobs in tomorrow’s world

Frequently Asked Questions About Learntime

How do I get Started?

The next step will be to sign-up for the LearnTime sessions free trial! When we receive your signup details, we’ll send you a questionnaire that will help us determine your preferred time slot and other details to assist us in placing you with the right instructor. After you have returned the questionnaire, we’ll call and email you to confirm the date and time for your first trial session for free.

When will I be billed?

If you sign-up for our trial offer You will be able to enjoy 1 free session of LearnTime’s exclusive tutoring. The trial will begin at the time of your first session and will conclude after the second. If you do not cancel your membership prior to the 3rd class you will be charged the subscription fee each month till you choose to either cancel the subscription or alter the subscription type.

Can I get a free trial for multiple children?

LearnTime gives one trial for free per child. It is possible to start a no-cost trial for each student. If you’re satisfied with it then you can get in touch with us for additional students.

What type of computer and other technology do I need to take your private classes?

For LearnTime Private lessons , you’ll need a laptop or desktop that runs Windows or macOS or Linux.  Tablets and Chromebooks aren’t compatible with LearnTime classes. You’ll need a fast internet connection minimum of 10 Mbps.

How do I encourage my child to code?

Kids need to be taught that coding is one of the best ways to use their imagination and create their own magical world. Kids love to explore & mimic the actions & things that they see in everyday life. Our coding classes for kids teach the benefits of programming to boost confidence & creativity. We do this through interactive programming languages such as MIT Scratch. Our coding classes for kids involve cartoons, music, arts, stories & more.

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