Funding Organizations Fueling Our Impact

At LearnTime, we are deeply grateful for the generous support of our funding organizations, whose contributions enable us to pursue our mission of transforming education and empowering students in Bangladesh. These organizations share our commitment to creating a brighter future through quality education, digital literacy, and gender equality. 

Our Funding Organizations Help Us



Our Reach

Financial support from our funding partners allows us to extend our programs to more students in remote areas, underprivileged communities, and among female learners, ensuring access to education for all.



 Our Programs

By investing in our programs, funding organizations enable us to continuously improve and innovate our curricula, teaching methodologies, and technological resources, ensuring our students receive the best possible learning experiences.


Support Our

Teachers and Mentors

Our funding partners provide vital resources to train and support our network of experienced teachers and mentors, who play a crucial role in guiding and inspiring our students throughout their learning journey.


Raise Awareness

 & Advocate for Change

With the backing of our funding organizations, we can amplify our message and raise awareness about the importance of education, digital literacy, and gender equality in education and technology sectors, inspiring others to join our cause.



Our Infrastructure

Financial support from our funding partners enables us to invest in the necessary infrastructure and technology, ensuring our programs remain efficient, accessible, and sustainable.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our current funding organizations for their unwavering support and belief in our mission. We are always eager to explore new partnerships with organizations that share our vision of transforming education and empowering students in Bangladesh and beyond. If you are interested in supporting LearnTime as a funding organization, we would be delighted to discuss how we can collaborate to create lasting impact.