Empowering Lives Through LearnTime - By the Numbers

At LearnTime, we believe in the power of education to change lives and transform communities. Our programs are designed to provide accessible and quality education, empower individuals, and bridge gaps in resources and opportunities. To measure our impact, we track various key performance indicators and consistently analyze our progress. Here’s a snapshot of the incredible impact we’ve made so far:




Since our inception, LearnTime has successfully provided educational opportunities to over 15,000 students across Bangladesh, with a focus on remote areas, underprivileged communities, and female learners.




Through our Female Empowerment program, we have helped over 7,000 young women gain access to safe, convenient, and quality online learning opportunities. As a result, 80% of these women have pursued higher education or entered the technology sector, significantly contributing to gender equality in education and technology.



the Digital Divide

Our Digital Divide program has enabled more than 5,000 students from underprivileged communities to develop critical computer programming skills. This has resulted in a 75% increase in access to technology resources and opportunities among the students we serve.


Reducing the Urban

-Rural Education Gap

LearnTime has connected over 3,000 students from rural areas with experienced teachers, reducing the urban-rural education gap by 60%. Our efforts have empowered these students to excel academically and pursue higher education or employment opportunities in the technology sector.



Education Success

With our Remote Education program, we’ve successfully supported more than 2,500 students from remote regions of Bangladesh in accessing quality education. As a result, 85% of these students have achieved higher academic performance, with many continuing their education or entering the technology workforce.


Teacher Training

&  Mentorship

LearnTime has provided training and mentorship to over 1,000 teachers, equipping them with cutting-edge teaching tools, resources, and strategies to effectively teach computer programming and coding skills in diverse learning environments.




Our programs have not only transformed individual lives but also contributed to the overall development and wellbeing of communities in Bangladesh. Through our students’ achievements and success, we’ve indirectly impacted more than 100,000 lives by creating a ripple effect of positive change.

At LearnTime, we continually strive to enhance our impact on students and communities in Bangladesh. We are dedicated to creating a brighter future by empowering individuals through quality education, skill development, and access to opportunities. By investing in the potential of our students, we are paving the way for a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous society.